Proper Naming Initiative

Not virtue signaling to end slavery.

The Full Story

The Proper Naming Inactive's mission is to tease and to end slavery. We find policing of technical jargon hilarious, and we wish to encourage free expression, where anyone is free to say whatever they want. We find that excessive political correctness is silly, wastes man-hours, and is a technical detriment. Also instead of virtue signaling, we help end actual slavery by encouraging others to donate to non-profits that fight global slavery.



Blacklist/Whitelist are great terms for helping you determine whose allowed and whose not. It has no racist symbolism whatsoever. Rather it refers to day and night, when superstitious folks were afraid of the dark. Also blacklist and whitelist are easier to say than allowlist/denylist.


A hacker is someone who exercises playful cleverness, usually in the context of a computer program. A cracker is someone who breaks computer programs, usually for nefarious purposes. Also no white person has ever been offended by the term 'cracker'.


This refers to program flow or halting. It does not refer to death. In computer terms 'normal execution' is not referring to any death.

F*ck me harder

This phrase expresses powerful frustration; Its usage is usually related to annoying programming problems. Generally speaking, a hacker screaming 'f*ck me harder' is not experiencing sexual gratification.


These are normally used as example variable names and do not condone excessive drinking, nor do you need to be in a bar to have 'bar' explained to you.

gang bang

A hacker gang bang is using numerous hackers to complete a large project in a limited amount of time. It's usually a big hot mess, and few people are satisfied with the result.

hacked up/hacked off

Hacked up is a program whose collective hacks start to make the program hard to maintain. Hacked off is similar to p*ssed off. It does not refer to coitus.


KISS stands for 'keep it simple stupid.' Violators of the KISS rule are not stupid. They are silly.


These are great words to help explain which programs control other programs. This is the proper way to explain these relationships. Primary and secondary implies that the secondary has some sort of authority, which a slave does not.

Red Hat

Red Hat is a large corporation that contributes to numerous open source/libre projects. Despite popular opinion, their logo of a 'Red Hat' does not mean that they are members of the infamous 'Blood' gang, nor does it condone the scalping of heads, nor does it condone Satan worship. Consider yourself educated.


This is slang for 'read the f*cking manual/binary'. It's most commonly used to express frustration.


A tree is a concept that helps explain data structures, and it is in no way intended to overshadow short bushes or tall grass.

Web Crawler/Spider/Spider Bot

This term really should not be a problem for our friends suffering from arachnophobia, because it honestly has nothing to do with spiders. In fact, a web crawler is something that has many legs to search, crawl, and slither through the internet. It also has eyes everywhere. And it's one big hairy mess of a code base.